Friday, April 28, 2017

Personal Art Gallery

Just in case you haven't already seen my recent art pieces, I formatted this post as an art gallery of sorts so that you may get a chance to peruse my masterpieces. (Just kidding, they're decent, but by no means spectacular.)

(Also, because I had some difficulty organizing and positioning these pictures into the display I wanted them to be, this post won't be as seamlessly put together as I had hoped it to be. My apologies.)

The first piece, a graphite drawing, depicts the hand of my sister as she delicately clutches a twisted rose. Although I wish that I had made the background darker and the petals of the flower lighter, I am content with my drawing. And I must say, this is the best (and only) hand I've drawn.

The carousel horse below is a pen-and-ink drawing, and was thus created by dipping a nib into a bottle of ink and then creating dots. So yeah, this entire, and I mean entire, image is created from meticulously blotted dots.

The final piece I completed this year was a scratchboard. I've always been fascinated by drawing fire and smoke, so I decided to create an image of just that - a burning candle with billowing tendrils of smoke. The most interesting part of this medium was that unlike the pen-and-ink drawing, in which no dark value can be taken away, for scratchboards, no dark value can be added. Consequently, if too much is etched away from the scratchboard, nothing can be done to add value in troublesome areas.

That concludes my display of artwork for the semester. I hope you enjoyed viewing these pieces as much as I enjoyed creating them!