Friday, May 5, 2017

For the Love of Canva

If you didn't already know, the reason that my blog graphics aren't as horrible as they could be is solely due to Canva, perhaps one of the greatest websites ever created. Being a person that has great difficulty with technology, especially with coding and designing software systems, Canva is the most intuitive program I have ever stumbled upon.

I originally created all of my designs on the computer using the Canva software, perusing the endless backgrounds, icons, and designs available to customize my graphics. Better yet, to make the transition from the Canva program to my blog even easier, Canva created a specific layout designed especially for blogs. But it doesn't end there. Canva also designed specific layouts for all social media platforms, and even for album covers and greeting cards. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful this program has been in creating my blog posts.

After selecting one of the aforementioned layouts (poster, photo collage, invitation, card...the list is endless), the program directs the user to the platform where the selected layout may be designed and edited. To further simplify the designing process for those that still struggle with editing software, (that would be me), Canva created custom presets available to be selected and reused over and over and over and over again.

If the user is feeling especially creative, the program prompts the user to select a background and continue by adding illustrations, shapes, lines, and even charts. To simplify the addition of text to user designs, Canva also pre-formatted text boxes with appealing patterns, colors, fonts, and sizes.

Now the saving grace of this platform is the ability to upload images to the system, giving users the ability to easily and conveniently access desired images without the constraints of the images already in the software. (Don't get me wrong, the options in Canva are great, but just in case a user is interested in uploading their own images, this tool can be quite useful.)

Canva recently sent me a personal email stating that I'm "one of Canva's most active users." And to recognize my commitment (I know, too much), Canva is offering me  a free one month trial.

Interestingly, Canva also added a new option recently labeled "I ♥ Canva." When I first saw that section, I was wondering why such a category would have been designed for the program. But after writing this post, I realized that indeed, that category was designed for posts exactly like this one. And yes, I really do "♥ Canva."