Sunday, May 28, 2017

Original Poem Post 3 - "I had been here before"

My apologies for (another) poem, but here you go.

I had been here before

when I was able to shriek at the heavens in soprano
and wasn't afraid to do so

when I thought this fence was for keeping people in
not keeping people out

when I thought that the dying flowers under my feet me weren't given enough water
but not neglected

when I thought the sidewalk was meant for running
not walking

when I could reach my arms through the gaps of this fence
without getting stuck

I used to guess my height in comparison to the fence
I was always shorter

I would stand on my toes and reach for the sky,
bracing myself against this very fence

now, I don’t need to guess about whether or not I'm taller

I don’t need to brace myself against this fence

is it that everything is different?
or nothing is the same?